20 Of Taylor Swift’s Best Songs: Decoded

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classic taylor swift songs decoded

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Taylor Swift catapulted herself to pop stardom based on strong business acumen, a love for her fans, and above all, once-in-a-lifetime songwriting talent. Her romantic relationships have stolen the spotlight from what really matters (her music), partially because Taylor has fantastic taste in men and everyone is jealous of her (Harry Styles AND Jake Gyllenhaal?!) and partially because her love life and her music are inextricably connected.

The intrigue that came from Taylor’s deeply personal songs is also connected to the juxtaposition between her attempts to maintain her privacy and what seems like a genuine desire for everyone to know who her songs are about (although that could be mixed in with the business acumen we mentioned earlier). Taylor has dropped enough hints in her liner notes, interviews, and performances that any really dedicated fan can figure out fairly actively which famous exes align with her big hits, but in the end, we can never know for sure until she tells us. For those of you who don’t have time to fall into Reddit conspiracies and decades-old interviews, I’ve gone through all of our favorite Taylor Swift hits to find their hidden backstories and compiled them here so you don’t have to do it yourself. Here are 20 classic Taylor Swift songs decoded.

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