20 Of Taylor Swift’s Best Songs: Decoded

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“Dear John”


Adam Bielawski/WENN.com

Another obvious choice: this song is about John Mayer. John and Taylor dated when she was nineteen and he was in his thirties. John never denied the song is about him and actually claims he did nothing to deserve the epic takedown that is this song. The track was released in the middle of a media firestorm against him because of a pretty racist interview he did with Playboy where he said his penis was a white supremacist and used the n-word. Yeah, really.

In response to Taylor, John wrote the song “Paper Doll,” which had some heavy-handed references about scarfs and heels and the number twenty-two and other motifs in a lot of Taylor’s songs, but let’s be honest. If you’re thirty and dating a teenager, whatever happened there was for sure your fault. That’s creepy, dude.

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