20 Of Taylor Swift’s Best Songs: Decoded

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“Hey Stephen”


Judy Eddy/WENN.com

This fun lil diddy is one hundred percent about Stephen Barker Liles from the country music duo Love and Theft. Taylor toured with Love and Theft in 2008 while they were both up-and-coming acts, and the pair became close on tour. Stephen has since talked about Taylor calling him to tell him that she’d written a song for him, and he later responded with a song of his own in 2011 that he’d written around the same time period called “Try To Make It Anyway.” While Taylor has become one of the biggest pop acts in the world, Love and Theft were dropped from RCA in 2015 and are still hustling to find an audience. So, natch, Stephen’s Taylor Swift connection comes up a lot in interviews. Mystery solved.

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