20 Of Taylor Swift’s Best Songs: Decoded

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“All Too Well”

classic taylor swift songs decoded all too well


When Taylor was twenty, she dated Jake Gyllenhaal and spent the 2010 Thanksgiving holiday at his sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s house. In “All Too Well,” a non-single widely regarded as one of the best songs Taylor has ever recorded, the lyrics strongly reference that autumn where they got “lost upstate” and shared a black and white striped scarf she apparently left at Maggie’s house. Jake and Taylor are both Sagittarius “fire signs” with “blue eyes.” It’s also rumored Jake dumped Taylor with a phone call, possibly when he “[called her] up again just to break [her] like a promise.” The painfully beautiful hit resonated so much with fans that many of us are still holding out hope Taylor might release the original ten-minute version she’d recorded.

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