20 Of Taylor Swift’s Best Songs: Decoded

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“The Lucky One”

classic taylor swift songs decoded the lucky one

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Some people think “The Lucky One” is about Britney Spears because of its similarity to Britney’s song “Lucky,” which Taylor used to cover on tour. But most of the world is pretty sure that “The Lucky One” follows Joni Mitchell‘s career, who Taylor was on a shortlist to portray in a biopic around the time of Red‘s recording and release. Joni was “a sixties queen,” and the made-up name Taylor referred to could be Joni’s, as Joni was born Roberta Joan Anderson. The line “chose the rose garden over Madison Square” echoes Joni’s 1972 album For The Roses and its eponymous track about the nasty side of the music business. Joni never left the recording business, but her words may have inspired Taylor to write about her own frustrations with the business side of her art form.

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