17 Truly Weird Musical Collaborations That Actually Worked

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Bon Iver & Kanye West

Weird Musical Collaborations

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Sure, Bon Iver‘s contribution to Lizzo‘s debut album was a little out of nowhere, but the indie folk band (and, specifically, their frontman Justin Vernon) worked so well with Kanye West that he’s been featured on nine Kanye tracks in the past ten years and counting. Kanye once told BBC Radio 1 that he loves Justin “the way Kanye loves Kanye,” Justin credits Kanye’s 2013 Zane Lowe interview with inspiring him to come back to music with 22, A Million, and producer Mike Dean told Pitchfork that “Justin Vernon is one of the collaborators Kanye will always go to.” The hip hop king and the soft-sung indie darling were brought together when Ye wanted to sample “Woods” on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantast and in one conversation, a beautiful partnership was formed.

Listen to “Lost In The World” on YouTube.

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