17 Truly Weird Musical Collaborations That Actually Worked

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Shawn Mendes & Zac Brown Band

Weird Musical Collaborations


We have CMT’s genre-bending series Crossroads to thank for a lot of the strangest artist mashups over the past decade and a half, but they really broke the mold with this holy pairing between Shawn Mendes and the Zac Brown Band. While some of the episodes feel like a mismatched pair at karaoke, Shawn and the band showed a shared musicianship and a respect for each other’s work during their multi-song set which included songs from both of their extensive catalogs. In “Colder Weather,” you can really see these two artists coming together that appreciate the emotion of the song, and the epic fiddle solo in “Mercy” was nothing short of inspired.

Listen to “Colder Weather” on YouTube.
Listen to “Mercy” on YouTube.

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