17 Truly Weird Musical Collaborations That Actually Worked

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Miley Cyrus & Snoop Dogg

Weird Musical Collaborations

Instagram/@mileycyrus via DailyMail

Just because Miley Cyrus decided to make an album full of Bangerz didn’t mean that rap’s top brass had to pay attention. For all intents and purposes, it would have made way more sense for veteran hip-hop artists to dismiss a young, white pop star trying to claim a space that wasn’t hers, even if “We Can’t Stop” and “4×4” lived up to the album’s title. Back in his Snoop Lion days, Snoop Dogg collaborated with Miley on the single “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks,” and regardless of how you feel about Miley’s wild days or her questionable subsequent comments on hip-hop in 2017, you’ve got to admit that her twangy vocals added to the reggae fusion melody. Still, Snoop’s best out-of-nowhere collab remains his television show with Martha Stewart, a real O.G.

Listen to “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks” on YouTube.

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