The 16 *Worst* Celebrity Songs In Pop Culture History

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Bella Thorne, “Call It Whatever”

Worst Celebrity Singles


We’ll take Yung Smurf over this watered-down Bella Thorne single. The video shows hints of the trainwreck we’d come to know and love: We can see her bra, she briefly grinds on some random dude, she tells him she doesn’t want to DTR. The song is basically Disney’s version of endorsing casual hookups, which is hilarious, but we’d rather fast forward to real bangers like “B*tch, I’m Bella Thorne” or “Do Not Disturb” with Steve Aoki. It’s what Bella would want. Plus, this track sounds like it’s being played at 1.5x speed and is lowkey stressing us out.

Listen to “Call It Whatever” on Spotify.

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