The 16 *Worst* Celebrity Songs In Pop Culture History

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Jennifer Love Hewitt, “BareNaked”

Worst Celebrity Singles


Further proving that the Australian charts are always down for a laugh, Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s first single from her fourth studio album reached number six down under without any help from its multiple appearances on her show Ghost Whisperer. Jenn’s vocals are pretty standard for 2002 — not great, but in a way you could consider a stylistic choice — and we’ve got to give props for her aggressively colorful scarf, wispy bangs combo in the music video. The lyrics are just so unforgivably bad. She compares telling a bad pick-up line to getting your car stolen, rhymes “away” and “day,” and ends with the wonderful verb conjugation lesson of “I feel, you feel, we all feel.” Listen, she tried.

Listen to “BareNaked” on YouTube.

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