16 of the Best Period Films You Can Stream on Netflix

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The best way to earn about history is through movies. Okay, we’re joking, but you might actually learn a thing or two from the period movies on this list! One of the best ways to escape realit is to travel back through history in films set during specific time periods. It makes sense that a ton of these movies are based on real events. At least one movie on this list has been deemed “culturally significant” by the Library of Congress for how well it portrays a specific moment in time! The period films that are not based on real life still nail the look, feel, and vibe of the time periods they’re covering.

The best part of these great period films? They’re all streaming on Netflix! Every movie on this list is waiting for you on your fave streaming service. Taking movie recommendations is so much easier when the films are right at your fingertips. These period films combine entertainment with a distinct look and feel of a bygone era. Plus, as we said, sometimes you even learn stuff! Here are all the great period films you can stream on Netflix right now!

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