40 Greatest Pop Culture Witches Who Make Us Want To Join A Coven

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix in a short amount of time. Everyone is obsessed with the young witch and her dark tale, full of Satan worshipping, downright creepy demons and the occasional cannibalistic witch. However, witches have been present in pop culture for much longer than CAOS actress Kiernan Shipka has even been alive, and their stories range from dark to comical, with everything in between. Some witches want to do good for the world, some are evil, and some just want to use their magic to help make their own lives a little better.

Regardless of their intentions, witches tend to embody everything we strive to be. They are strong, powerful, and capable of taking care of themselves while also achieving all of their desires. In some cultures, witch means wise woman, and witches were who people would go to for help in any situation. Witches are a beacon of hope for feminists, so it’s no wonder that they’ve continued to thrive in pop culture while many tropes have started to feel played out. There’s also the simple fact that magic is cool, and we’ll never get tired of it. Here are 40 of the greatest witches we’ve seen in pop culture and still love today.

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