20 R-Rated Comedies That Were Almost Rated NC-17

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Not all comedies are gross, violent, or lewd. Even some comedies that are rated R aren’t trying too hard to test the boundaries of their rating. There are other comedies, though, that want to see what they can get away with. Some of these movies actually had to be recut to avoid an NC-17 rating because of their cringe-worthy scenes. That rating, which forbids anyone under the age of 17 from seeing the movie, is often something of a death sentence.

Very few movies actually get slapped with the rating, but that doesn’t mean the MPAA isn’t willing to threaten. These comedies all had scenes that pushed the boundaries of what an R rating could get away with. Some of them have nudity, while others had trouble with language. Whatever the reason was, each one almost wound up with the harshest rating out there. Here are 20 comedies that almost wound up with an NC-17 rating.

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