Must-See or Skippable? Ranking The 2019 Oscar Movies

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The Oscars are supposed to be the ultimate judge of a film’s quality. If you actually follow the Oscars, though, you know that’s not always the case. They do get it right sometimes. Other times, though, they really miss the mark. The 2019 Oscar nominees are a mixed bag. They feature some great titles, and some that, if you’re not made of time, you should probably just skip.

Certain Oscar-nominated movies, like Black Panther and A Star is Born, may go on to become classics. Not every film nominated is a winner, though. This year’s Oscars is particularly rife with controversial films. In some cases, these controversial films may be worth a watch. In other cases, not so much. Here are all the films nominated for Best Picture, an acting award, or Best Animated Feature, ranked from must-see to skippable.

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