Things You Only Notice About Harry Potter as an Adult

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Harry Potter captured an entire generation of young people. It was a series that grew up with these kids as they aged, getting richer and more complex as they went. That’s what made J.K. Rowling‘s story so perfect for all the people who read it. Now, the generation who loved Harry Potter is full of adults, and some of them may be reevaluating the series, especially in light of some of the controversies around it. After all, being an adult can shift your perspective.

There are many things you might never have thought about reading the books as a kid. Now, as an adult filled with a wealth of knowledge, you can look at the story and wonder how much sex everyone had. Some of these observations are very simple ones we usually don’t think about as kids. Others are deeply philosophical. These are 40 thoughts about Harry Potter you first have as an adult.

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