16 Other Great Royal Movies To Watch Besides Mary Queen Of Scots

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Royal Movies Elizabeth: The Golden Age


There are plenty of things to keep royal fans happy. They can follow the daily happenings of Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth II, and other royalty from around the world. Furthermore, royalists can stream countless TV shows, both old and new. (See The Crown and Victoria.) Those who want to chill in front of the TV (or computer) can also try royal movies.

There are as many films about royals as there are actual royals. Whether you’re looking for a movie about a French queen or a king who abdicated, you can find them. Besides having royal story lines that are inspired by real events, all of the movies have drool-worthy costumes, fantastic acting, and they will leave you wanting more. That’s why we’ve given you plenty of options to get started. Have a look at 16 positively regal royal movies to watch.

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