25 Heartbreaking TV Deaths We May Never Recover From

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In a perfect world, our favorite fictional characters would never have to die. We’d watch them overcome new challenges and keep evolving season after season. They’d continue to navigate their family drama, friendships, and romantic relationships. And if we’re lucky, they’ll get their happily ever after with the people we’ve always shipped them with. But unfortunately, even in the world of make-believe, we can’t always get what we want. On way too many occasions, we’ve seen beloved characters get killed off without warning. And guys, it’s the absolute worst.

Though we get that TV writers (usually) have valid reasons for cutting out certain characters, it still feels like we’ve been robbed of the opportunity to see these guys reach their full potential. What’s worse is that, even to this day, our hearts haven’t fully healed from their untimely deaths. These were characters that we got to know on a deeper level. We were there with them through their highs and lows and we related to them in their most vulnerable moments. They weren’t perfect, but they were well-rounded and complex beings who had quite an impact, both on the show and us viewers.

So if you’re still not over a fictional death that happened a while ago, we know that feeling all too well. See which character deaths still break our hearts to this day (warning: spoilers ahead!):

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