17 Christmas Movies Scary Enough to Watch Before Halloween

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17 Scary Christmas Movies: Nightmare Before Christmas: Touchstone Pictures

Let’s be real: the last few months of the year are most definitely the best. You have burgeoning fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all in a span of four months. What could be better? With those holidays comes the influx of holiday movies. Halloween brings the scarier fare, while Christmas brings family-friendly movies full of joy. But there’s also another category of movies perfect for anyone who loves the holidays but doesn’t want to leave the scares of Halloween behind: Christmas horror. Bringing you frights and delights from fall into winter!

Scary Christmas movies are the perfect genre of film for anyone who wants to get their Christmas season started before Halloween while still reveling in the seasons of terrors well through December. Some of these scary Christmas movies are predictably silly, but many will actually leave you up at night wondering if you even want to put a Christmas tree up this year! These films allow you to get the best out of the two greatest holidays of all time. What could be better? Here are some Christmas movies scary enough that you can start watching them before Halloween!

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