Selena Gomez Sparks Rumors She’s Filming A Documentary For SG2 Album

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Selena Gomez Sg2 Documentary

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Selena Gomez is taking a trip down memory lane and Selenators think it’s for an upcoming documentary meant to accompany her highly-anticipated second studio album. SelGo went back to the middle school she attended in Grand Prairie, Texas, but it’s who she brought with her that has fans excitedly awaiting a documentary release à la The Jonas Brothers‘ for Happiness Begins, Chasing Happiness.

The “Come And Get It” singer took photographs with fans, talked to classes, and allegedly showed someone — a videographer — a tour of the school to point out places where she experienced special life events. Naturally, students and teachers alike were stoked to have Selena walk through the halls of their school and many of them took videos of the star (as well as some selfies!).

Selena fans have been waiting for SG2 for years so it makes sense she’d want to give them a little something extra as a thanks for waiting. Back in June of 2016 she said she was “very close” to SG2 and three whole years have passed since. In June of 2019, she told Jimmy Fallon recording the album was “done” but she “[has] to do a few finishing things” before it releases saying, “it took four years for [her] to feel even at a good place with this album.”

It’s been three months since she hung out with Jimmy Fallon, so we feel pretty certain that this album and maybe the potential documentary are coming at us quick!

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