21 Famous Singers Who Won An Academy Award

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Winning an Oscar, or even landing a nomination, is by far one of the highest honors that an actor can get. It’s like receiving a giant stamp of approval that could lead to even more film offers, higher salaries, and much bigger audiences. However, actors aren’t the only ones who’ve been lucky enough to snag this prestigious award. A few famous musicians, pop stars, and rappers have also ventured out to try their hand at acting and earned themselves a few Oscar nominations in the process. While some artists won Academy Awards for their acting chops, others were honored for their incredible songwriting skills (though, in most cases, the songwriters were also the performers).

It’s a good reminder that talented singers and songwriters are just as Oscar-worthy as our favorite actors. Plus, popular vocalists can be just as (if not more) gifted at acting compared to A-listers. See which artists have taken home Academy Awards.

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