16 Songs That Were Seemingly Written About Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift is the queen of writing songs about other people. Whether it’s her exes, her squad, or her enemies, she’s not shy about putting her real-life feelings into song. But it turns out she’s seemingly had a taste of her own medicine several times! There are tons of songs from people associated with Swift — like former lovers and famous fans — that have songs that seem to be all about the pop songstress. Some are flattering, some are… not so much. But there’s no denying that Swift has clearly inspired those around her to take a page out of her book!

There’s been a wide breadth of musicians who have sung about the singer, but there is definitely one more vocal than the rest: Harry Styles. Expect lots of One Direction and solo Styles songs on this list, because when two musicians get together and then break up, what else is there to do other than write songs about each other?! Taylor can’t be too mad though — she is known for these types of songs! Here are some songs that are, IOHO, totally inspired by Taylor Swift!

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