16 Songs That Were Seemingly Written About Taylor Swift

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“Paper Doll” by John Mayer

This was definitely one of the weirdest Swift relationship eras. Taylor and Mayer were a thing for a short time, and we never really got over the huge age gap between them. They broke up, she wrote “Dear John” about him, and we all went on with our lives. Except for Mayer, who retaliated via song. Pro-tip Tay: if you date a musician and write a song about him, he’s probably going to write one back. In the song, Mayer references a girl who’s so erratic she’s like “twenty-two girls in one” which is a definite reference to the Swift song “22.” In her song about him, she calls herself the girl in the dress, and Mayer takes it even further in his song by talking about this girl in “a dress of gold and blue”! The references could not be any more obvious!

Listen here!

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