16 Songs That Were Seemingly Written About Taylor Swift

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“Famous” by Kanye West

Kanye and Kim Kardashian-West vs. Taylor Swift was major. She even wrote most of her latest album Reputation about the feud and the backlash to her career because of it. The feud escalated even further because of this exact song. After Kanye interrupted Swift’s MTV Music Video Award win way back in the day (2009!), we never expected them to be friends. But it seemed they were making up! And then this song dropped, where Kanye says he thinks him and Tay might “still have sex” because his MTV Music Video Awards stunt made her famous. And shiz hit the fan! Taylor was appalled, Kanye said she approved it and had the receipts to back it up, and Swift retreated into a private little hole for a long time. Eventually, she came back with an album full of bangers about fake friends and totally out-songs Kanye!

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