16 Supernatural Monsters We Want To See Again in the Final Season

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When Supernatural first aired in 2005, Sam and Dean Winchester were known for “saving people, hunting things,” with a new monster every week. After a while, the show lost the monster-of-the-week schtick, instead choosing to focus on larger themes and story arcs, like season seven’s fight against the Leviathans, or season 11’s fight against the Darkness. After 14 years, the stars of Supernatural have announced their final season. And in the final episode of Season 14, we’ve been given reason to believe that the show is returning to its monster-of-the-week format, and that we may see some of those original monsters from the first few seasons making a reappearance.

Spoiler alert for those of you not fully caught up: Season 14’s finale ended with a stand-off between Chuck (aka God), Jack (aka Lucifer’s son), and the Winchester brothers. When the Winchesters refused to kill Jack, instead turning their sights on God himself, Chuck got fed up and proved that he makes the rules and that anything goes in his show. He unleashed all the monsters of seasons past on the brothers that they had already fought and defeated. Here are some of the OG monsters we hope to see revisited in the final season.

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