16 Teen TV Shows That Realistically Depict High School

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Some TV shows depict high school like the writers have never really been to one. Whether it’s teens that look like they’re in their 20s or ones that talk like they have a way too advanced vocabulary, there are some TV shows that show teens completely wrong. But others manage to really capture the look, feel, and behavior of regular teen kids. While they may be embroiled in typical TV drama, there’s an authenticity to these shows that manage to realistically look at life as a high schooler.

When you think of “teen drama,” you’re probably thinking of some of the more unrealistic shows. One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek come to mind as perfect examples of high school shows that probably should’ve taken place in college! But there are plenty of excellent teen TV shows that make teens feel actually represented on screen. And they totally nail how high schoolers actually act. Here are the most realistic teen TV shows of all time!

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