To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Sequel Is Coming, Prepare For More Bizarre Noah Centineo Tweets

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to all the boys ive loved before sequel


Lana Condor announced the inevitable To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Sequel on her Instagram yesterday with a little virtual help from the man trying to turn Twitter into AIM away messages Noah Centineo and Netflix. The sequel should follow Jenny Han‘s TATBILB novels by introducing a second love interest for Lara Jean Covey, John Ambrose, so maybe the presence of a worthy rival will inspire Noah to stop Tweeting sh*t like this:

We’ve gotta say Noah was slightly cuter before his Twitter turned into a thirteen-year-old’s diary. And if you thought Twitter was the end of it, you should see his Instagram. No one this hot should feel like they have to post thirst traps to Insta with captions like “My sister broke her toe.” We were already trapped, you didn’t have to do this. This type of stuff should be saved for private Tumblr accounts. If Noah needs to try this hard to convince us he’s monogamous and looking for love, he must be an absolute monster in real life. At least he’s not as bad as costar Israel Broussard is on Twitter, who legit Tweeted that Sandy Hook was staged and is high-key a racist. Safe to say Israel will not be rejoining the cast for TATBILB 2.

Noah might just be a disingenuous frat guy with an acting career, but Jaden Smith isn’t f*cking with his vibes either, curving his Insta comment in favor of Justin Bieber.

Jokes on all of us, though, because Jaden’s actual boyfriend is Tyler, the Creator (at least according to Jaden himself).

The TATBILB sequel is still in development, so we shouldn’t expect it anytime soon. The novel’s sequel P.S. I Still Love You includes a lot of plotlines that were included in the first film, so it’s anyone’s guess where the new Netflix film will go. Jenny has mentioned that she’s excited to explore model U.N. member and love letter recipient John Ambrose on screen, so that’s basically a given, but whether Netflix will decide to expand on the source material or borrow from the end of the trilogy, Always and Forever, Lara Jean is a mystery.

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