The 16 Top Crying Moments From The Hills

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The Hills has officially been off the air for eight years. Even without talk of reboots, the MTV reality TV show has remained a constant part of pop culture no matter how long it’s been. Lauren Conrad and her stylish friends have influenced our fashion and beauty choices, we use The Hills GIFs to sum up what we’re going through and we will never, ever hear the name Justin Bobby without thinking some very precise things about burping and combat boots.

When we look back at the TV show, we often remember the drama. It definitely wasn’t short of it. Unlike other MTV reality TV shows which focused on fist fights and yelling (ahem, Jersey Shore) The Hills‘ fights were more teary-eyed and emotional. We can attribute a lot of that to Lauren, but there were other tear-streaked faces on the show, too, and we’re here to remember them all. Let’s reminisce.

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