18 Famed Pop Culture Couples That Are Actually Toxic AF

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Carrie and Mr. Big from Sex and the City

Ugh, these two! Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Big (Chris Noth) are one of the most unhealthy couples in all of pop culture. Let’s get one thing straight: any man who lets others call him “Mr. Big” is probably a maniac. Big was completely anti-commitment yet always tried to get Carrie back when she tried to find happiness with other men. She never got to escape from underneath his thumb. The two also engaged in an affair while Big was still married which is a huge no-no for any relationship, no matter how ~fated~ you think they are. Carrie and Mr. Big brought out the absolute worst in each other and the fact that they’re one of the “epic love stories” in pop culture means, quite frankly, that pop culture is f*cked!

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