18 Famed Pop Culture Couples That Are Actually Toxic AF

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Ross and Rachel from Friends

These two are the most famous sitcom couple in all of TV history. But Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) are also the most toxic sitcom couple. For starters, there’s the obvious point of Ross cheating on Rachel. Whether or not they were “on a break,” sleeping with a girl mere hours after a fight is pretty unforgivable. He’s also incredibly conceited and only ever wants to talk about dinosaurs or himself, or both. How are you supposed to have a meaningful relationship with someone who only cares about himself? The two have also continually ruined each other’s relationships with other people in acts of jealousy. Ross and Rachel can’t help but meddle in one another’s lives even when they aren’t together (which is 90% of the series, tbh) and even their friends get totally sick of it!

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