18 Famed Pop Culture Couples That Are Actually Toxic AF

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Olivia and Fitz from Scandal

The thrilling affair between a Washington D.C. fixer and the President of the United States is riveting television. You can’t help but want these two forces of nature to be together! The only problem is that these two are truly horrible for each other. Their romance reads more like emotional abuse than anything resembling true love. Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) treats Olivia (Kerry Washington) more like an object to be won and kept than a grown woman. The two began as an affair which tells you all you need to know about their relationship. If he cheats with you, he’ll cheat on you, girl! Aside from the obvious ways in which they are wrong for each other, the two are constantly distracted by what the other is doing. It frequently interrupts their workdays (uh, not great when you’re the President!) and causes issues. “Olitz” is definitely not a relationship to envy!

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