18 Famed Pop Culture Couples That Are Actually Toxic AF

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Angela and Jordan from My So-Called Life

Teen angst is personified in Angela Chase (Claire Danes) which is probably why she falls for an absolute dufus. People tend to romanticize the relationship between Angela and Jordan (Jared Leto) as a good girl trying to reform a poor, misunderstood bad-boy. The reality of their relationship is much less poetic, though. Angela has a good head on her shoulders despite some rebelliousness and Jordan just drags her down to his level the more she falls for him. A lot of his issues aren’t totally his fault, but c’mon girl, you’re going to fall for a guy who can’t even read?! He never treated her the way she deserved, opting to shame her for not wanting to have sex with him and then hooking up with her best friend. These two aren’t a picture-perfect high school romance, they’re a disaster.

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