16 Times Trish Walker Acted Like A Total Villain On Jessica Jones

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When we first got introduced to Trish Walker on Jessica Jones, she was the epitome of class, resilience, and ambition. After overcoming drug addiction, the abuse of her mom, and the mind control of a maniac, she went on to become a highly successful talk show host with a loyal fan base. She embraced challenges, used her platform to help others, and constantly encouraged Jess to be a hero by using her powers for good. But that all changed when she turned into a power-hungry addict with a weird savior complex on season two.

We’ll admit that at first, her heart was in the right place. She only wanted to make a difference and be able to protect herself while doing so. She wanted to nudge her sister in the right direction when it came to her powers. And she genuinely wanted to raise awareness about issues like poverty, murder, and human trafficking. But at some point, she realized that being the face of a lifestyle talk show wasn’t enough. She decided that the best solution was to get her own powers, and she was so hell-bent on getting them that she completely disregarded the consequences.

Trish may not have lost all of her good qualities, but she certainly turned into a classic example of how desperation can bring out the worst in a person. See all the times she felt more like a villain than a good guy:

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