17 TV Shows That Were Saved From Cancellation by Other Networks

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Back before the era of streaming networks and any channel aside from the “Big Four” being worth your time, hearing your fave TV show was canceled was the worst. But now when a show is axed at its home network, a chance of survival exists. Whether the show is picked up by other networks or taken on by Netflix or Hulu, there are more avenues than ever for shows to live on after cancellation. This is great and all, but we can’t help but lament all the amazing shows that were canceled before this was the norm! Luckily for us, true cancellations are becoming less and less normal (for good shows, at least) as we get years and years with our faves that we would never have had even a decade ago!

In the last few years alone, several TV shows have been saved from an early death by another network. And not only is this great for fans but oftentimes it gives the show an extra boost. When they get to make the jump to a streaming network or to another channel more suited to their tone, they get to branch out further, get some creative wiggle room, and it begins to feel more at home than it did originally. And when a show feels comfortable, the fans are rewarded with richer storylines and more passionate actors!

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