16 of the Most Body-Positive Shows That Will Boost Your Confidence

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There are so many problematic shows on TV, it’s hard to remember that anything else exists. But among the horde of not-so-positive TV series lies a treasure trove of body-positive shows. These are the types of shows that make you feel seen and represented in a world where the idea of “beauty” can sometimes be so limiting. Sometimes it’s just refreshing to see normal looking people exist on television! In the real world, we all struggle with insecurities and body image. It’s unfortunate, but it’s normal! These body-positive shows give a realistic glimpse into real people with real bodies.

Every one of these shows deals with body positivity in a different way. Some focus on the struggles of weight loss while others just don’t comment on “bodies” at all, casting and catering to a variety of women. Either way, these series don’t shy away from depicting women and men who look like plebs like us. No casts full of size-0 women or overly-buff men. Just real bodies, and the real struggles of having a real body. Body positivity is all about accepting your body and these shows help reaffirm that every single body is beautiful!

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