16 of the Most Body-Positive Shows That Will Boost Your Confidence

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Insecure is a pretty apt name for one of the most body-positive shows on television! Because, let’s face it, we’re all insecure. The show doesn’t shy away from every-day insecurities, many of which involve our bodies. Instead, it shows real women — from skinny to curvy to everything in between. Series star Natasha Rothwell plays Kelly on the show and said in an interview that she loves how body-positive her character and the show are. She said,

And for me as a body-positive, fat-loving feminist, I need other thick and beautiful women to see themselves represented in ways where they are charactered but not caricatured. They have grounded characters with real lives, real stories, real backgrounds and the focus of the scene that they’re in is not their size or their color.

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