16 of the Most Body-Positive Shows That Will Boost Your Confidence

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My Mad Fat Diary

Rae (Sharon Rooney) is a protagonist unlike many you see on TV. She’s overweight, struggles with her mental health and self-esteem, and one of the most real characters on TV. After spending four months in a psychiatric ward for her body image and mental health issues, Rae is ready to reclaim her life. That involves a bit of worrying, a touch of attempted dieting, and a dash of actual happiness. Not only is she allowed to exist freely as a larger woman dealing several internal issues but she’s allowed to be happy at the same time. Her relationship with the fit, attractive Finn (Nico Mirallegro) is such a deviation from the norm on television that it has to be applauded. This is one of the most body-positive shows of all time for the simple fact that Rae isn’t a caricature; she’s a fully fleshed-out woman.

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