16 of the Most Body-Positive Shows That Will Boost Your Confidence

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This is Us

It’s debated whether or not this is truly one of the most body-positive shows on TV. While detractors will say that Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) story is all about her weight and trying to lose it, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because when real women are trying to lose weight and better themselves, it can feel like weight loss is the center of their world. The bad days, the good days, and all of the days from point A to point B. This is Us captures all of those days for Kate and portrays the true struggle of a woman trying to accept herself while improving her health. The show doesn’t skip ahead to Kate being suddenly skinny, it keeps the lens on her journey one day at a time. Body positivity doesn’t mean not wanting to better yourself and watching a woman work towards her best self is lovely.

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