20 Big Differences Between Big Little Lies: The Show and The Book It’s Based On

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Abigail Is Bribed To Shut Down Her Auction

Differences Between Big Little Lies The Show and The Book


Abigail’s virginity auction has a lot of layers to it. For one thing, despite her strange methods, homegirl has a point. In the novel, instead of backing down after a conversation with Madeline, Abigail’s website does launch according to plan. It’s only after an angel donor pledges $100,000 to Amnesty International in exchange for the website being taken down that Abigail finally relents. It’s heavily implied that Madeline thinks Celeste was the mystery donor, using Perry’s money for yet another charitable donation. This version of events allows Abigail to stand strong in her convictions without having to actually delve deeper into what it would mean for this teenage girl to auction off her first time to some creep on the internet.

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