20 Big Differences Between Big Little Lies: The Show and The Book It’s Based On

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Bonnie Turns Herself In

Differences Between Big Little Lies The Show and The Book


They changed everything else about Bonnie’s final stand, showrunners might as well just completely scrap her original ending, too. Bonnie winds up totally fine in the novels. Even though the women lie to protect her in both the novel and on the television series, Book Bonnie decides to turn herself into the police. She’s assigned community service instead of jail time, because even the police probably realized Bonnie was doing their jobs for them by getting rid of that abusive tw*t. Because the killing was more of a group effort on the show, there was no such storyline needed. We’ve heard rumors that Big Little Lies 2 is going to make up for getting rid of so much Bonnie drama by adding something special for her in the new season.

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