20 Big Differences Between Big Little Lies: The Show and The Book It’s Based On

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Renata Doesn’t Matter As Much

Differences Between Big Little Lies The Show and The Book


Renata, who? The female antagonist of this story becomes a part of the gang on HBO’s interpretation of Big Little Lies, but she’s a much smaller character in the book. She’s one-dimentional and rude to Jane and her son in both cases, but on the show, she’s given her own problems at home to make her more sympathetic. We wouldn’t have gotten Laura Dern if Renata had stayed the shallow, relatively unimportant character she is on the series, so we’ll take what we can get. In the book, Renata moves to London and apologizes directly to Ziggy for falsely accusing him, but on the series, Laura is here to stay (and only apologizes to Jane).

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