20 Big Differences Between Big Little Lies: The Show and The Book It’s Based On

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Madeline Isn’t The One With An Affair

Differences Between Big Little Lies The Show and The Book


We’re glad that Reese Witherspoon was given more to do as Madeline Mackenzie than her literary counterpart, but the character’s story arc was drastically changed when adapting Big Little Lies for the small screen. Madeline never cheats on Adam Scott’s Ed with her Avenue Q director, and she never discusses her affair with Abigail because the affair *never existed*. Strangely enough, the novel did include two notable affairs that weren’t brought into season one: both Renata and Harper’s husbands were sleeping with Renata’s French nanny. This comes to a head at trivia night, where a brawl breaks out and diverts attention from the evening’s murder.

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