20 Big Differences Between Big Little Lies: The Show and The Book It’s Based On

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Jane Has An Eating Disorder

Differences Between Big Little Lies The Show and The Book


Shailene Woodley’s Jane Chapman honestly goes through more than her fair share of trauma on the Big Little Lies television series, but HBO left out a major subplot from the novel. Jane developed an eating disorder after her assault due to verbal attacks from Perry, who called her a “fat, ugly little girl.” The show never mentions Jane’s newly discovered body dysmorphia, but it does cast her constant exercising in an entirely new light. Jane is often seen going on runs or exercising, which in the book was a direct result of her body insecurities and Perry’s abuse. By leaving in her fitness habits without actually relaying *why* she’s become so focused on them, Big Little Lies hints at something that could have been fleshed out more fully.

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