20 Worst Episodes of Friends Ever Made (According to the Internet)

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Friends may be more popular today than it ever was while it aired. Since it appeared on streaming services like Netflix, the ’90s sitcom has seen a huge uptick in popularity — meaning new audiences are getting acquainted with a show that was so popular in part because it was remarkably consistent. There aren’t that many bad episodes of Friends. Keyword: Many.

In the age of the internet, everything gets rated and some of the episodes just aren’t rated very well by watchers. On IMDB, for example, some episodes shake out closer to a 10/10, while others are low-sevens. Compared to some other shows, that’s not bad, but for a show like Friends, it proves that a show carried by great actors can have misfires. Whatever the reason the internet may have, these are the least favorite episodes of Friends. Whether or not they’re actually the show’s worst episodes is another question entirely, and it’s up for you to decide.

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