40 Brand New TV Shows to Watch Out for in 2019

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As amazing as it is to constantly rewatch Friends and The Office, sometimes we need new TV shows to fall in love with. Luckily, every year tons of new programming is released across networks and streaming platforms. It seems that 2019 may be the best year for TV yet. So many new shows, reboots, and adaptations are in the works! We can barely contain our excitement about the new TV shows on the way. Our newest TV obsession may be just around the corner!

A new year means new beginnings in all aspects of life. New year, new you, new TV shows. Maybe it’s time to let a few of your old stalwarts go (sorry, The CW, but some of your superhero shows just don’t do it anymore) and try something totally outside your TV comfort zone. Some people vow to lose weight in the new year. Others claim they’re going to read more. Us? We’re going to be watching so much TV. Here are all the new TV shows to watch out for in 2019!

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