21 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Celebrity Doppelgangers

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Kiernan Shipka and Brie Larson

If they’re looking to cast an older sister and younger sister, Kiernan Shipka and Brie Larson would make a great pair. Besides brimming with buckets of talent, the actresses have very similar looks. They are both blonde with button noses, dark eyes, and rosebud mouths. When the Captain Marvel actress is working a wavy bob reminiscent of Sabrina Spellman’s lob, the twinning vibe really comes through. An interesting thing to note is that Mckenna Grace has played a young Kiernan and Brie in different works. We previously featured the young actress on the list in comparison to Kiernan so you could add her in here for a three-way celebrity doppelganger moment.

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