21 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Celebrity Doppelgangers

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Michelle Gomez and Lorde

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Celebrity Doppelgangers Michelle Gomez and Lorde

Netflix / Dominic Chan/WENN.com

Do you have a sudden urge to sing “Royals” when you see Michelle Gomez on the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? That could be because the actress looks so much like Lorde. We bet some would believe that Michelle is Lorde’s mama. After all, they have the same gorgeous heads of dark curls and pale English rose complexions (Yes, we know that Lorde is a New Zealander, but she still has that unmistakable ivory complexion. Same goes for Scottish Michelle.) And get a load of the very close cheekbones and noses the two ladies share. Michelle’s character tends to go for a brighter lipstick in comparison to Lorde’s old favorite dark plum.

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