21 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Celebrity Doppelgangers

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Abigail Cowen and Karen Gillan

It takes more than a halo braid and dark lipstick to look like Abigail Cowen‘s CAOS character Dorcas. Karen Gillan doesn’t tend to do either thing with her beauty look, but she is still a celebrity twin to the character. The obvious similarity is their gorgeous red hair. Apart from that, the ladies have near-identical noses and mouths. It doesn’t matter whether they are sporting the same lipstick shade or not. You can see that they have the same full, rounded lips. Additionally, they have very expressive eyes and fierce smizes. If Karen is looking for a Halloween costume idea and she doesn’t want to be a character that she has already played, we suggest that she dresses up as Dorcas.

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