What Your Favorite ’90s Nickelodeon Characters Would Be Up To Now

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It’s nearly impossible to imagine our childhoods without the clever Clarissa Darling or the world’s biggest orange-soda-enthusiast, Kel Kimble. They’re among Nickelodeon’s most iconic characters who stole our hearts from day one with their quirky personalities. But have you ever thought about where they’d be if they were still around to this day? For instance, where would the perceptive Shelby Woo be if she were all grown up? Or how would female STEM role model Annie Mack be contributing to the ever-evolving world of science?

Considering the giant wave of TV reboots that’s now upon us, it’s likely that we’ll get to see these classic characters as adults sooner than later. In fact, we’ve already gotten reboots for Are You Afraid of the Dark? and All That, which will feature a few familiar faces from the original cast. So yes, some of us are hoping for revivals of even more ’90s series, but until then, we can at least imagine what our favorite Nickelodeon characters would be like if we could see them now!

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