18 A-List Celebs Who Guest-Starred on Friends

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Friends is still as big a deal now as it was when the finale aired in ’04, thanks in large part to Netflix. The show is almost definitely one of the most popular things on the streaming platform, and with good reason. It’s still fairly relatable, no matter how long it’s been since audiences first saw it. When it was on, though, Friends was an even bigger phenomenon than it is now. The show was so big over the course of its 10 season run that it attracted celebrity guests.

These Friends guest stars were often A-listers who, at the time, would never have touched TV otherwise. For Friends, though, they were willing to make an exception. The show was so popular that many of its eras biggest stars were on it. This includes people who are still hugely famous to this day. Here are 18 A-list celebs who were once Friends guest stars.

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