40 Actors Who’ve Played Completely Different Roles On The Same TV Show

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So you’re in the middle of a brand new episode of your favorite show. You’re already lost in the plot and totally swooning over your character crush when suddenly, you spot a guest star that looks insanely familiar. Where did you see them before? Was it on another series? Or maybe in a movie?

Well, to answer your question, it was most likely on that same TV show because, on several occasions, producers have recycled actors for multiple roles on their projects. We’ve seen instances where one role was played by multiple people, but it’s even more fascinating when actors get to take on as many as four or more additional characters on the same series. And by the way, we’re not talking about actors who played their own twins or doppelg√§ngers from parallel universes. We mean actors who got recast as completely different people.

In most cases, viewers don’t even notice this because the actors were either unrecognizable or because they played forgettable minor roles. Still, these actors definitely deserve their props for pulling off multiple roles on the same TV show.

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